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Sale of equipment for the production of tooth floss with dental floss

Sale of equipment for the production of tooth floss with dental floss

Factory "Dr. Steve" RF. is the only supplier and manufacturer of equipment
for the production of disposable plastic toothpicks with dental floss. The production of plastic
toothpicks with dental floss is patented and protected by the authors.

Due to the ever growing demand of the market and the increasing demand for this product,
 Dr. Steve has started manufacturing and selling equipment for the production of toothpicks for all tho  se who wish in the territory of Europe and the countries of the near abroad. We help to open a new line for the production of plastic toothpicks and toothpicks with a thread. Sale
of modern machines and technology for the production of a tooth with a thread. Providing with all t h e necessary documentation for the organization of the production process of toothpicks, the transfer oftechnology production of toothpicks with dental floss that are intellectual property, assistance in preparing documentation, certificates, a list of proven suppliers of materials and repair services.

For more information, please contact:
e-mail: 1@drsteve.ru
tel.: 8/812/305-33-22,322-20-22

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